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Inauguration date: July 22, 2017

Artworks submission deadline: May 10, 2017 The call is closed now

Dear artists, ART-MAP and the Municipality of Braga have all the pleasure to announce the start of the third edition of ART-MAP project, “Thinking Baroque”. Braga, beautiful baroque city invites contemporary artists to imagine, to get inspired and to exhibit in remarkable buildings of the down-town. From 21th of July to 9th of September ART-MAP will occupy nine galleries in the centre of Braga with contemporary art. The event will have a printed catalogue. During the exhibition, several artistic residencies, concerts, conferences and public performances will take place. Read the complete concept HERE.

The event will include such landmark places as the famous Palácio do Raio (Gallery of Misericórdia), Museum of the Image, Gallery of the Station, INATEL Building, Centésima Pàgina (creative bookstore), Library Lúcio Craveiro and a private gallery of Mestre Alberto Vieira. These authentic historic buildings, testimonies of original Portuguese baroque now welcome contemporary art. See the map of the event HERE. Learn about the exhibition spaces HERE.

The theme of the exhibition invites artists to “Think Baroque”. ART-MAP proposes to reflect, how the principles of the Baroque (abundance, contrasts, visual illusions, occupation of space, effects of the transformation of space, effects of light and shadow, ornaments, elaboration, asymmetry, dynamism, magnificence and enhanced emotionality) may be explored in the concepts of contemporary art. We look forward to show your impressive artworks that could revoke a nostalgia for baroque through modern languages and expressions. The ample gallery spaces of Braga allow exposing large installations, interactive works, projections, and, if needed, to create dark rooms, etc. All spaces will have insurance.

All national and foreign artists can apply for Braga 2017, with no CV restrictions. Artists who participated in previous editions are also admissible. All artistic techniques are accepted: installation, painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, ceramics, poetry, video art, artist’s book, art of textile, public art. This year we also accept performative, musical and sound works. Candidate´s portfolios will be consulted during the selection process. Participation Rules HERE.

All submitting artists will be featured at the ART-MAP online gallery and will be promoted internationally. A maximum of 60 artists will be selected for the exhibition.
The criteria for choosing the works for the exhibition will be the technical quality and relevance to the theme of the exhibition, “Thinking Baroque”.

Curator 2017: Madina Ziganshina
Braga Municipal Council 
Diogo Vieira

Partner institutions:
INATEL of Braga
FLUP (Faculty of Letters of University of Porto)
23 Miles – a cultural transformation project of the municipality of Ílhavo
Braga Jazz School
Gallery of Mestre Alberto Vieira